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PT.Andalas Tetra Jaya came into inception in 2008, predominantly as mining & trading company. Started operating its mines in the Agriculture extracted sector. PT.Andalas Tetra Jaya has already developed the mine, extracted plant, charcoal and at present sells its produce to leading importer and  producers in China. Our customers have always rated us as a preferred supplier and most are long-term buyers.

The core focus of the company is to be in the field of Mining, Trading and Allied industry. Our goal is to grow through acquisition of new mining properties and establishing industries through joint ventures. Thus creating wealth for our customers, stakeholders, employees & community.





1. April 2008, opening new factory of Coconut fiber and husk

2. Opening New location of Manganese in end of May 2008 with quantity target is 5000 tons per month minimal.

3. Joint venture of Iron Ore mine project in Solok-Surian May 2008




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