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PT.PULAU LAUT (Padang office) has served as since 1995, standing out as an icon to the International Shipping Agent Industry, and a seeming gateway in the Indian Ocean, have been of great value and importance to seafarers from earliest of times.

The strategic and protective geographical features, together with the wealth of resources available, continue to hub essential services to Ship Owners, Managers and Operators transiting of Teluk Bayur port West Sumatera - Indonesia.

Our team, made up of personnel totally dedicated to the Ship Agency Service Industry, with over 10 years experience in the field, created this truly local organization, in which our exigencies and pressures are focused to meet the finest grades of Quality, Reliability and Professional Services at the right Discretional Rates, present day market trends demand.

We believe our main targets are synonymous with your requirements and expectations when it comes to the protection of your interests when entrusting your vessels to someone at any of these three ports.





1. April 2008, opening new factory of Coconut fiber and husk

2. Opening New location of Manganese in end of May 2008 with quantity target is 5000 tons per month minimal.

3. Joint venture of Iron Ore mine project in Solok-Surian May 2008




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