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PT.BETA KARYA UTAMA (Padang office) has served as Logistic and Shipping Forwarder since 2003
PT.BETHA PRIMA MANDIRI has served as Logistic, Stevedoring and Warehousing
CV.KATALOG KARYA MANDIRI (Pekanbaru office) has served as Logistic and Shipping Forwarder since  2005.

The Company is a full service same day delivery option for any needs nationwide. With a full network of drivers and staff to assist in any possible emergency we can and will get the job done. Specializing in route and on demand delivery we are capable of any size job. If a company needs fifty driver to run a route daily by us, we will implement the best ways to have the route running efficiently and cost effective. A logistics company is more then a delivery service and at Blue Marble we have the business knowledge of over twenty years in the most challenging cities nationwide. The logistics company business is what we excel at and feel free to call for a free quote for any of your delivery needs today.

Logistics Services
Logistics service overview courier service messenger warehousing logistics data retrieval freight cargo trucking and all special requests

Distribution Logistics
Distribution logistics services offered by us, a leading distribution logistics services company with a world of services fully licensed bonded and insured

Trucking Freight Broker
Trucking freight broker services from a leading logistics company offering all trucking freight broker services




1. April 2008, opening new factory of Coconut fiber and husk

2. Opening New location of Manganese in end of May 2008 with quantity target is 5000 tons per month minimal.

3. Joint venture of Iron Ore mine project in Solok-Surian May 2008




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