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Andalas Group is a publicly held resource company focused exclusively on acquiring, exploring and developing mining product in West Sumatera, Indonesia. The Company's flagship project is the PT.Andalas Tetra Jaya mine in Pasaman. Andalas Group is working in Mining, Consultant, Extracted Industry, Trading, Shipping, Logistic and Warehousing Company has established in end of 2007 , located approximately in Padang, West Sumatera - Indonesia. Andalas Group has been serving the mine community.

The Company developed a methodical and sequential plan to restore our company to long-term sustained production, a daunting task since the product had not been properly maintained and required extensive rehabilitation of both surface and underground facilities.

Our vision for a premier Company providing sustainable growth through Performance, Products, Processes, Practices, People, and Profit. Profitably produce through Operating Safely, Promoting Community and Environmental, Stewardship, Minimizing Costs, and Investing in our Workforce.






1. April 2008, opening new factory of Coconut fiber and husk

2. Opening New location of Manganese in end of May 2008 with quantity target is 5000 tons per month minimal.

3. Joint venture of Iron Ore mine project in Solok-Surian May 2008






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